Male Black Face Mask

Male Black Face Mask

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The Inner layer is made with 100% Cotton fabric to be comfortable when in contact with skin.

The Outer layer is made from a tightly knitted 100% Polyester fabric which is long lasting and will not reduce breath ability and comfort. The design is printed using sublimation technology. The Outer Polyester layer can vaporise moisture from the surface, which reduces overall dampness of the face mask when used for a longer period of time.

Strings to hold the mask on the face are made from very soft and elastic fabric that does not press, or cut in to the face or ears. It is very easy to replace or shorten the string as it is inside a tunnel.

The top part has a soft metal wire inside that allows shaping of the face mask around your nose. A good shape and fit in the nose area reduces the amount of air that is entering from the edges and not filtered by the face mask. Shaping in the nose area also improves the field of visibility as the fabric is not entering your line of sight when properly shaped.

Wash at 40°C upon receiving your face mask and then after every use. Before use, wash your hands and do not touch any part other than the rubber band that you use to attach the mask to your ears. Do not touch your face, mouth or eyes with your hands unless you have washed your hands thoroughly with soap or other suitable disinfectant when returning home

Model images are for size reference only

The mask is not a respirator